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Friday, October 8, 2010


I think the topic of this week should be birthdays. This is for a couple of reasons; one being that they seem to be almost inescapable this week, the second being that I just celebrated my 20th. (If you're hoping to tell me happy birthday then no.. no you shouldn't. You're a week late). But does anyone else notice that birthdays seem to have this sort of exponential graph that just plummet down in significance? (lemme actually draw the graph for you real quick: \
                           \V Bam! Just a downward arrow.) Not even just others' birthdays, but your own as well. Like the day you were born drastically makes less and less of an impact as it fights with you for average daily chores like homework, or going to get drinks, or eating. I guess I'm just sort of waiting for the point where I start to look forward to other people's birthdays more than my own. Or when a birthday means, "Here's a cliche tie, daddy!" With which I'll respond, "Have you ever seen me wear a tie??" And even that's just speculation, I'll probably like ties more than my birthday by then. *shrugs So from me to you, stop and reflect on your birthdays and don't shudder at the thoughts of ties.

EDIT 6/25/2013: Since writing this in school, I've started to wear ties regularly and enjoy shopping for them. It's only a matter of time now...